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Finesse Beauty Salon is a company registered under Companies Act 1956 in year 2008 and is a registered trade mark. The brand “Finesse” has been in the elite league of the beauty salons which have marked their presence not only for the elite but also for the masses. It has taught people that with little bit of adjusting and maintaining your looks does a lot to your confidence and one has to be proud of his looks as God has made each one of us as unique. The uniqueness is looked upon by others only with a difference and the confidence of the person only makes him look beautiful.

Finesse Beauty Salon Private Limited is ably led and controlled by husband wife duo of Raj Kumar Khatri and Anita Khatri who have been in the business of personal hair and beautymanagement for more than thirty years. Both started their careers from 1985 and started their own business in 1996. Initially trained by none other than the legendry Habib, followed by various series of training programs by L’Oréal held in Delhi, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Croatia. Also attended the prestigious training programs conducted by Schwarzkopf in Delhi and other locations.

Today the brand Finesse is catering to a vast clientele of cricketers, models, film personalities and politicians in addition to many others from five locations spread over NCR region.

USP of the brand “FINESSE” is the elasticity of selection of brandslike L’Oréal, Schwarzkopf and Wellaas per the desire of the customer. Raj Kumar Khatri has always emphasized that the goodness lies with each individual product and not with the brand only. One product of one brand may suit a person but the other product of the same brand may not suit the same person. In today’s time it’s the customer who is the king and no company can dictate its terms.

Apart from being a pioneer in his field, Raj and his cofounder have been for past twelve years been instrumental in training at least fifty to sixty persons each year. This has led to a new branch from the brand “FINESSE” which is in form of skill development for people who cannot afford expensive education and nor are equipped with opportunities for vocational trainings. The Academy structure would result in proper scientific training, education and work experience to the candidates who then can develop their skill and acumen to being an accomplished professional capable of earning his livelihood with grace. This branching out itself is the master stroke in today’s scenario where the country needs independent skilled development of individuals to be self-equipped to tap and channelize their talent and be capable of earning their livelihood with the entrepreneurial skills.

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