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  • A win-win situation that ensures freedom, autonomy and profitability.
  • Enter into a business that earns both profit and respect.
  • Welcome to the world of Finesse Beauty Salon.
  • Offering the widest range of Finesse Beauty Salon products.

Marketing & Advertising Assistance Marketing

Finesse Beauty Salon will assist you in developing a budget for your local marketing program. In addition Finesse Beauty Salon provides its franchise owners with ongoing marketing support through our Active Marketing Program (AMP). AMP is a program implemented by Finesse Beauty Salon home office once you complete the initial training program. AMP gives you ongoing listings on specific lead generation through websites and Google Pay-Per-Click campaigns, SMS blasts and email campaigning allowing you more time to productively manage the critical day-to-day operations of your business. After you have completed both the initial training program and the on-site training you will have access to our support personnel at the home office. Our support staff is waiting to assist you with any aspect of the business.

You will also have access to our library of resource material including our: Startup, Operation, Technical, Employee, and Marketing manuals. These manuals help managing every aspect of your business from day to day to ling term planning. The manuals are written by the team of experts and have been tested, measured and refined according to the business system.

Who should opt for Finesse franchise?

  • A local resident with valid identity and residence proof.
  • A creative leader with a track record of running a business ordisplays the potential to do so.
  • Can independently drive and promote his/her own set-up.
  • Provides company with a monthly record of business transactions in digital and printed record.
  • Believes in setting and maintaining quality set-up.
  • Understands his/her client needs providing them best quality service.

What is franchising? How does it work?

Simply put, franchising is a way for a business to expand beyond its original owners. The most common form of franchising is a business format franchise, where the franchisor contributes certain elements of the business and the franchisee contributes certain elements. The power of franchising is realized through the combination of the contributions from the two parties.

The franchisee contribution involves the management skills to run the day-to-day business using the franchisor provided brand and system, and capital to fund the opening and continued operations of the business. In addition, the franchisee brings a level of desire and interest in having the business succeed that is essential franchising.

The best thing about franchising as a product or service distribution mechanism is that it is one of those synergistic business relationship in which all the parties have to benefit for any of them to achieve long term success.

Franchisee orientation & training program

Finesse Beauty Salon franchisees do not need any prior technical experience to effectively operate a franchise. Our comprehensive initial training program includes engaging, in-depth, informative classes on all technical matters, marketing, operations and technology. You will complete training with the confidence and knowledge necessary to succeed. You and your trainer will work side-by-side working with employees, initiating marketing activities, and ensuring all of your Process is functioning properly prior to completing your first job.

During your on-site training program, you’ll refine your working knowledge in:
  • Administration
  • Customer Service
  • Personnel Management
  • Advertising Planning
  • Technical Proficiency

Finesse Beauty Salon Franchise Models

  • 100% Franchisee Owned Model.
  • In the 100% franchisee owned model, the franchise will have to bear the following costs
  • Franchise Fee of 5,00,000 + service Tax will be charged for a term of 5 years.

Franchise keys

Service Provided By Finesse Beauty Salon

  • Training of the new franchise
  • Finesse Beauty Salon Expert Curriculum
  • Branding support
  • Finesse Beauty Salon management support
  • Assist in each and every section

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